Bikaner is the home of an astounding variety of traditional crafts. Century-old skills continue to produce some of the most artistic and exciting wares in Bikaner which are admired and collected not only by connoisseurs in India but are popular all across thw world. Bikaner is a land of vibrant colors. These colors are a striking part of the Bikaneri life and are found in the bustling bazars, in fairs & festivals, in the costumes worn and produced, and the traditional paintings & murals. When shopping for souvenirs, the subtle yet ethnic appeal of every item is irresistible whether it be furniture, leatherwear, pottery, metal craft of textiles. It is a little wonder, therefore, that because of these artistic treasures which let you indulge without being extravagant, Bikaner has been dubbed as the shopper’s paradise. Its crafts have always been a source of fascination whether one appreciates them for purely visual or aesthetic pleasure or pauses to savour the underlying history, culture and symbolism.